First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives:

Directly supervise and coordinate activities of members of police force.

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About the Job

Indiana Average Salary $67,770.00
Average Time to Fill 0 days
Typical Education Post-secondary certificate or some college courses
Typical Experience None
10 Year Projected Openings (2016-2026) 1,348
10 Year Expected Percentage Change (2016-2026) 6.36 %

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Skills Profile

Essential (Soft) Skills

Essential Skills to Employers

Attention to Detail
Information Gathering
Critical Thinking
Resource Allocation
Written Communication
Oral Communication
Conflict Management
Work Ethic
Following Directions
Intellectual Risk-taking
Time Management

Top Job Duties and Responsibilities

Getting Information

Identify trends and patterns in criminal activity
Conduct legal searches or investigations
Examine related files, records, or data to investigate criminal activities
Review facts to determine if criminal act or statue violation is involved
Gather physical evidence
Analyze evidence or facts
Perform crime scene reconstruction
Review laws for understanding and application
Investigate illegal or suspicious activities
Interview witnesses, suspects, or claimants
Investigate complaints, disturbances, or violations
Identify laws or court decisions relevant to pending cases
Search for missing persons
Use databases to locate investigation details or other information
Interview people to gather information about criminal activities
Operate surveillance equipment to detect suspicious or illegal activities
Perform manual or electronic surveillance to detect or record suspicious or illegal activities
Investigate accidents to determine causes
Collect evidence for legal proceedings
Locate persons through skip tracing
Request reports or records
Review maps to determine location or routes
Investigate legal issues
Investigate customer complaints
Review loan applications
Conduct legal research
Review work orders or schedules to determine operations or procedures
Locate sources of supply for purchasing
Review travel rate schedules

Making Decisions and Solving Problems

Determine negligence or violation of laws or regulations
Implement company or staff policies
Discharge workers using employee dismissal guidelines
Employ rules of evidence procedures
Determine if evidence is sufficient to recommend organizational or legal action
Employ legal arrest, search, or seizure tactics
Arrest suspects or perpetrators of criminal acts
Determine admissibility of evidence
Apply court or agency rules or strategies
Recommend personnel actions such as promotions, transfers, and dismissals
Conduct evacuation procedures
Terminate employment of employees or contractors
Discipline staff for infractions of rules or regulations
Implement freight shipping or storage procedures
Implement employee compensation and benefit plans
Implement supply chain management processes
Develop personnel performance objectives
Align employee career motives to job performance objectives
Implement employee bargaining agreements
Employ statistical process control procedures
Modify work procedures, processes, or plans to meet situational needs
Solve administrative problems in the workplace
Design compensation models
Resolve operational shipping or transportation issues
Solve landscaping problems
Terminate relationship with clients or vendors
Resolve personnel problems
Determine administrative policies or standards

Performing General Physical Activities

Enforce laws, ordinances, or regulations
Apprehend suspects or perpetrators of criminal acts
Search for contraband on person or in facilities
Confiscate prohibited or dangerous items
Apply appropriate physical restraint
Issue warnings or citations
Detain suspects or witnesses
Control situations through non-lethal use of force
Perform tactical law enforcement operations
Serve court ordered documents
Serve arrest, search, or seizure warrants
Locate illegal narcotics using drug-sniffing dogs
Employ firearms
Serve summonses or subpoenas
Identify public safety hazards
Guard area or premises
Ride horses during law enforcement work
Distribute enforcement citations
Escort prisoners to courtrooms, prisons, or other facilities
Provide security escorts for officials, jury members, or other individuals
Clean building walls or flooring

Guiding, Directing, and Motivating Subordinates

Assign work to staff or employees
Direct law enforcement activities
Coordinate operational activities
Manage criminal investigations
Supervise security, law enforcement, or protective services personnel
Oversee activities related to dispatching, routing, or tracking transportation vehicles
Direct collection, preparation, or handling of evidence
Supervise clerical or administrative personnel
Confer with coworkers to coordinate maintenance or cleaning activities
Direct security operations
Set goals for workers or staff
Manage financial activities of the organization
Delegate administrative support activities
Supervise maintenance workers
Coordinate safety or regulatory compliance activities or drills
Manage building maintenance projects
Direct fire fighting, prevention, or suppression activities

Documenting/Recording Information

Manage law enforcement or security-related records or files
Maintain security, law enforcement, or protective services records, reports, or files
Record information about suspects or criminals
Record personnel information
Maintain public records, reports, or files
Prepare investigation or incident reports
Maintain personnel records
Document legal or regulatory information
Maintain equipment service records
Maintain job descriptions
Maintain file of job openings
Draft legally binding agreements
Document work hours or activities
Maintain records, reports, or files associated with business operations or analytics
Maintain insurance records
Maintain educational or training-related records, reports, or files
Draft employment agreements
Record information about environmental conditions
Prepare records of prisoner bookings or status

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